Our Production Team

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Robin Leabman

Founder, Producer, and CEO at Rotaiva Pictures. Robin is also a Learjet captain, commercial helicopter pilot, and FAA certified flight instructor.

Mark Oguschewitz

Award-winning director, writer, and CEO of Lycan Productions. Currently slated to direct feature film "Lycanthropy"

Rebecca Hu

Producer, director, and CEO of Kung-Fu Barbie Productions.


"Robin's instincts as a producer are spot on. I have yet to see him make a decision that wouldn't be right for the production or the team."
Lee Rudnicki - Entertainment Attorney
"I often deal with production companies that are disorganized... Incomplete paperwork, missing releases, and so forth. When we entered into a distribution contract with Rotaiva Pictures, we received a well packaged product. Nothing was missing, all paperwork was indexed and tabbed in a bound manual. I wish everyone operated like these guys."
Jessica Parkinson - Ouat Media, Toronto

Why Rotaiva Pictures?

  • Core Values: Honesty, Integrity, Trust, and Respect.
  • We do it right the first time.
  • Organized, professional leadership.
  • Award-winning products.
  • Award-winning crew in our alliance.
  • Under-budget and on time!

What We Offer

We offer the same thing other companies offer... a finished product. It's what happens to achieve that finished product that makes us stand out. Forward-thinking leadership, detailed project execution, production risk assesment, and contigency planning lead to your finished product being "drama-free".