Aviation Production Services

Rotaiva Pictures launches Aerial Department.
We now offer helicopter and airplane camera and picture vehicles for your project. Whether it's a helicopter or any specific aircraft, we will utilize our partner companies to provide your aviation production needs.

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Our Aviation Background

Robin Leabman holds many FAA certificates and ratings, including the Airline Transport Pilot for multi-engine airplanes; Commercial Pilot for single engine landplane, seaplane, helicopters, towplanes, taildraggers, and gliders; and Flight Instructor certificates for helicopters, airplanes and gliders. Robin has flown freight, charter, and air ambulance missions all over the world, plus he has delivered many different airplanes on solo trans-oceanic crossings. Yes, just like Charles Lindbergh. During his career of flying the Lear 23, 24, 25, 31, 35, 36, and 55 series airplanes, Robin has flown celebrities, political figures, medical patients, checks, cash, gold, and diamonds. His total flight time exceeds 6600 hours.

Stock Aviation Footage

Browse our aerial footage bin.
We love aviation and we love filming it. That results in plenty of aerial shots for everyone. Please browse our footage and contact us for pricing.